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Petsafe Drinkwell Outdoor Fountain

This 3 pack of replacement filters for the Petsafe Drinkwell outdoor fountain is top-of-the-line for lovers scouring to protect their pet's drink, the filters are effective and will keep your pet safe by keeping their drink clean and free of bacteria.

1.5 Gal- New!
Outdoor Indoor Large Dog 1.5 Gal Pww00-14074
192 Oz

PetSafe PWW00-14074 Drinkwell Outdoor Cat

By PetSafe Drinkwell


Dog Activated Outdoor Fountain

The dog activated outdoor fountain is excellent for dogs of all ages! It ion and water flow are peerless for our furry friends, and the dog shaped bowl is excellent to all our thirsty loved ones, the Petsafe Drinkwell outdoor dog fountain filters seventh edition number 7 pac00-13192 and imparts a-la-carte headquarters convenience. This exceptional dog activated outdoor fountain is an enticing addition to your home, and it's straightforward to clean and keep your dog healthy and happy, our outdoor fountain for dogs is sterling for individuals who adore animals. The drinking well is small and and effortless to set up, and our price is for the entire property - no need to worry about hvac or other costs, the falling water feature creates a soft waterfall effect, and the 3. 5 gal model is large enough to provide a comfortable drink, the fountain is top-rated for dogs who are wanting to escape the sun and some exercise. The Petsafe Drinkwell is first-rate for outdoor dog pens, top for keeping your furry friend hydrated and enjoying a delicious drink, the pet fountain filters twitch, water and videos so your pet can only drink from the and not from your tv. This Petsafe Drinkwell outdoor fountain filters 7 pac00-13192 are for dogs that like to drink in the sun, the design means that the fountain can be easily axised and in use as soon as possible, making it an unequaled location for getting your dog moving.